General Information

Games General Information

All registrations and entries to the UK Emergency Services Games (UKESG) 2020 are online only, via Eligibility for The UK Emergency Services Games is for all serving staff, retired staff and their immediate families (over the age of 18), who work or have retired from any of the services listed within the members list.  The abbreviations are used to signify the eligible agencies competing in these Games. Retired staff means “Any person who has completed a minimum of 5 years services and has left or is receiving a pension from their respective service”

Registration Fees

A £5 registration fee is payable as a one-off payment for the 2020 games and is compulsory upon registration. This fee contributes to the general administration costs of the Games

Event Entry Fees

Each individual sport incurs an entry fee, which is payable upon sport application. Competitors may enter as many sports as they wish, paying the appropriate Event Entry fee for each sport.  Some sports e.g. Athletics offer a discounted rate for entry into more than one competition (further details available in each sport’s specific page).

Payment of this Event Entry fee contributes towards costs of:

  • Venues & hire
  • Medals & Trophies
  • Equipment costs
  • Umpires, officials and any additional cost to the UKESG
  • Registration processing
  • Website development
  • Postage costs

Any surplus arising from the management and delivery of the Games will be given to UKESG’s chosen Charity following the Games.

The website has been developed to enable you to register, enter events and make PayPal payments online.  Following registration, competitors will receive a promotional discount code which can be redeemed at the online UKESG shop – this is a ‘one time use’ code, with an upper spending limit of £500.00.

For enquiries regarding your individual sporting event or for any other information about the Emergency Services Games, visit the website and submit an enquiry to

Medal Presentations will be made at the conclusion of the final of each event. Those placed in medal positions are expected to attend the medal presentation ceremony. If for any reason, you are unable to attend, please make the necessary previsions for a replacement (stand in).

Personal and Public Liability Protection

All injuries that occur as a result of participating in the 2020 Games must be reported to the Sports Co-ordinator as soon as practicably possible and recorded using a specific Accident/Injury Reporting Form.

The UKESG expect all competitors to be suitably fit and ready for competition to minimise the potential for personal injury. If you have any concerns and are unsure about your capability to compete, the UKESG ask you to seek medical advice before commencing competition. Competitors are obligated to inform the UKESG if they have received medical advice prior to taking part, which could impact on their ability to participate.

All competitors competing in the UKESG are afforded personal accident and public liability protection under the banner of the UK Emergency Services Games if they are registered as competitors i.e. if they have completed the necessary online Registration and Event Entry, and have paid the respective fees.

Appeals and Protests Procedure

Any appeal or protest shall be made in the first instance with the relevant Sports Co-ordinator, who will be responsible for a decision at the time of appeal.  On the occasion when this appeal cannot be concluded immediately, a Games Protest/Disputes Committee will need to be informed and will seek to convene a committee meeting at the venue. All Officials and Co-ordinators will be identified by distinctive clothing/armbands, and they should be treated with the utmost courtesy at all times.

Should the presentation of medals be affected by the possible results of a protest/dispute, the awards shall be withheld pending the Games Protest/Dispute Committee decision.

Alcohol and Drugs

The UKESG hold the right to refuse participation if it is believed an individual is displaying the effects of alcohol or drugs when they register at the venue. 

The employer of any competitor who is withdrawn from competition for either of these offenses, will be informed in writing by the UKESG within 7 working days of their refusal to allow participation.

Blood and Infectious Disease Policy

All cuts and abrasions must be reported to the Sport Coordinator immediately. Sport Coordinators have discretion as to whether any contaminated clothing or equipment will need to be replaced prior to the competitor being allowed to continue in the competition.

Any person with an infectious disease must advise the UKESG at point of registration. This will not be a reason for immediate refusal of entry, however, a decision will be made prior to accepting any registration and fees will be refunded in the event of a refusal.

Event Cancellation

Any sport or event may be cancelled by mutual agreement between the Games committee and the venue management. It is the responsibility of the UKESG to contact all competitors when an event is cancelled. In these circumstances a full refund of the registration and sports fee will be made available to the individuals concerned.

Refund Policy

After the official Games commencement date, a competitor who withdraws from any competition will not be eligible for a refund unless they have notified the UKESG or the Games Office at least two days prior to their event. Only the individual’s sports fees shall be refunded when the entrant withdraws due to illness or injury; family tragedy; unexpected ‘on duty’ requirement or emergency situations; or any other circumstances to be considered by the Games Committee.  Refunds should be paid within 14 days of a decision being made.

Maximum Number of Participants

Some sports will have a set maximum number of participants due to competition and /or venue restrictions. A restricted reserve list will be available for these sports following the maximum number of places being taken.  Competitors who have entered an event reserve list will not be charged an entry fee, until they have been notified of a position becoming available, and they have accepted the entry. If this is the only sport they have entered and a position doesn’t become available, they will be entitled to a refund of their registration fee.

Minimum Number of Participants

Every sport will have a set minimum number required for the competition to proceed. If a minimum number is not reached, the discipline will be cancelled. In this case the entrants will have their fees reimbursed in full.

On the day Event Entries

Entry into singles events on the day of competition will not be permitted. Competitors must have entered and paid online prior to the commencement of the event. In exceptional circumstances e.g. a replacement for an injured participant in a pairs/team event, the relevant Sports Coordinator will be responsible for the decision as to whether a replacement can be granted.

Changes to Events Policy

The UKESG committee reserves the right to alter or make changes to the times, dates, locations, and event programming wherever and whenever necessary. Notification of any changes will be supplied to an effected competitor in person and published on the website.

Media & Photography

The Official Games Photographers will attend various sporting events. They will be given access to areas where members of the public may not enter, in order to capture the true spirit of the Games.  Photographs will be available for viewing and for online purchase on the Games or respective photographer’s website


Competitors are responsible for their own property. Also, and in consideration to the escalating threat of terrorism in the UK, a ‘Security Strategy’ will be in place for these Games. For further general information on National Security threats please visit the following website:

All Emergency Service Recognition Trophies must be returned immediately after presentation & photographs of the ceremony, to prevent damage.  A second trophy (not a replica) will be given to the winners of these awards to keep.

The UK Emergency Services Games Trophy

This trophy will be presented to the region who is awarded to most points for finishing positions during the Games.  These will vary depending upon each sport requirement, Immediate family member participants will also be eligible for points for the associated region.