Our Vision

To promote and support mental and physical wellbeing for all UK Emergency Service staff via the discipline of sport.

Mission Statement

To provide funding to:
  • Agencies which will support the mental wellbeing of Emergency Service staff, and other such local charitable causes as proposed by Emergency Services around the UK
  • Enable people to take the first steps, to a better mental and physical state, no matter their age, gender, race, ability or background to maintain that journey and to challenge inequality in sport participation
  • Adhere to our 6 key principles & values

Key Principles & Values

  1. Recognition: We recognise the commitment to serve by all UK Emergency Services staff “who turn out for us, the public, no matter what”
  2. Health & Wellbeing: We promote and actively support mental and physical wellbeing to ensure UK Emergency Services staff are better equipped to cope and serve
  3. Participation: We ensure participation for all is on a level playing field - “uniforms on or off, we are all equal”
  4. Ambition: We structure the Games to provide serious competition, graded by age & gender, to recognise the drive to win. Our ambition is at the same time to encourage those who simply want to participate, acknowledging a PB is just as rewarding as finishing first.
  5. Community: We will create for the Emergency Services a community with a sense of belonging during this difficult and fractured society
  6. Quality:We will demonstrate that we are great at running events in the UK