Key principles

We identified 5 fundamental strengths, epitomising the daily guiding principles of the Emergency Services, when they created the UK Emergency Services Games concept. These are:
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Professionalism
  • Passion
  • Commitment 
We also wanted to acknowledge the part played by immediate family to serving staff, so decided to open participation for all events to them too, in recognition of the support they give on a daily basis.

our company

UK Emergency Services Games Ltd

We established both organisations with complementary aims:
  • UK Emergency Services Games Ltd is working on the organisation of The Gratitude Games, to launch, grow and improve this sporting event (open to members of the emergency services and immediate families, with select events also open to the public), to encourage members of the emergency services to participate in sport and to drive the amounts raised by all participants for charities.
  • UKESG Ltd (UK Emergency Services Giving) provides funding to specialist organisations which enable members of the emergency services to improve their mental health.
The two organisations work in complementary ways to deliver the greatest possible impact in terms of our shared vision and values.

Our Charity


The Charity is the sole shareholder of UK Emergency Services Games Ltd. Surplus generated by UK Emergency Services Games Ltd is gifted to the charity and all of the charity’s income is used to further The Charity’s charitable objects.

The Games

UK Emergency Services Games Ltd

UK Emergency Games Limited organises the Gratitude Games and intends to organise other mass-participation sporting events in the future. After costs, the surplus generated through these events is gifted to UKESG Ltd, the Charity.

The Charity uses these funds to award grants to organisations and projects to improve the mental health of members of the emergency services and their families.